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  1. Re: Teledanís first fly rod build (Blue Halo 3wt)

    +1 - use nylon thread.

    I love nylon thread with no color preserver. You can do wraps on the butt section where the reel seat and grip will go, and even apply the finish to see how you like...
  2. Re: Where's the best fly fishing in the country?

    This. Colorado is tapped out. I hear California is fantastic fishing.
  3. Re: First Time Builder Needing Some Direction

    I built a Quickline 10' 4wt. It was before proof had the 10' 3/4 weight. I've liked every blank I've built from proof - carbon fiber and fiberglass. it's a good price-point too, the Quickline is a...
  4. Re: First Time Builder Needing Some Direction

    I have a 10' 4wt that I love. I built it primarily for nymphing - the longer reach is very helpful. It also works for dries, terrestrials, and some streamers when needed. I use it for a lot of...
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    Re: Problem tying slumpbusters

    Bummer, sorry to hear that. Slumpbuster is one of my favorite flies for bass, pike, and trout.

    I just tied up a bunch for some warmwater fishing in Wisconsin. I had a few thoughts regarding...
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    Re: Is there a name for this fly?

    Nice, simple fly. Glad you found the name.

    I might tie some up and give them a try. Either put some glue on the hook shank or add a simple rib to make the peacock more durable.
  7. Re: June 2019 caption competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    Larry and Ard on a float trip
  8. Re: April 2019 Caption Competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    I think these mouse flies are realistic enough
  9. Thread: cork grips

    by williamhj

    Re: cork grips

    I used to use the U40 stuff. It darkens the cork a bit.

    Didn't see an advantage so stopped. Don't mind having the grip show the rod is used.
  10. Thread: Why cork?

    by williamhj

    Re: Why cork?

    There are other great options - I made two grips out of birch bark rings and wrapping rattan over poor quality cork or a shaped piece of lightweight wood works great. The birch grips were heavier...
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    Re: School auction donation rod

    My friend who got me into fishing built rods - first fishing, then tying, then building. Honestly I think a lot of fly tying is harder than rod building. Need to learn some different skills, but...
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    Re: School auction donation rod

    Thanks all!
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    School auction donation rod

    Hi all,

    Here's a rod I built from my daughters' school auction this weekend. Now that I've built up my own rod collection seems I'm only building rods for donation.

    It's another Proof Fly...
  14. Re: February 2019 Caption Competition - sponsored by Allen Fly Fishing

    The guide told him to try a parachute cast.
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    Re: Estes Park or Boulder?

    Cutthroat Anglers in Silverthorne.

    Staying near there: Silverthorne, Dillon, Frisco, Keystone etc will have you close to a lot of great fishing in multiple directions.
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    Re: Rod Building?

    I've gotten good, inexpensive blanks from Ye Olde English Fly shop.

    My favorite site is Proof Fly Fishing. Blanks, hardware, tools, finishes etc you need. Snake Brand guides are worth paying a...
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    Re: Anybody else hitting the gym this winter?

    I've been doing a program called Stronglifts 5x5 and loving it. Progressively increasing weights for the past months. Did it last winter and felt stronger throughout the summer. Had a positive...
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    2018 Donation Rod

    Hi all, haven't posted in awhile. A lot going on personally and professionally so haven't been building or fishing much this past year. I did just finish a rod and thought I'd share some pictures. ...
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    Re: Where to start?

    I'm a bit late to the party but thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. Lately I get most of my stuff from Proof Fly Fishing - good line of blanks, seats, grips, and components as well as the finishing...
  20. Re: Latest build 9' 5wt Proof Fly Fishing carbon fiber

    Thanks PC.

    The larger surface from the hook keeper over the label is usually the spot that gives me the most trouble when I put finish on the rod. Getting enough finish to cover it well but not...
  21. Re: Latest build 9' 5wt Proof Fly Fishing carbon fiber

    thanks Ard! The finish did turn out well. I was particularly glad it was smooth over the label, that's usually the hardest part for me to get smooth and level.
  22. Latest build 9' 5wt Proof Fly Fishing carbon fiber

    Hi all,

    Haven't been fishing or building much this year - kids, work, house projects, etc. But I did dust off the rod building stuff to build another donation rod for the Colorado Children's...
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    Re: Shaping Cork Grips

    Agree with the above, especially since I don't have a lathe! Easy to glue up the rings on a 1/4" threaded rod hold it with washers and wingnuts then chuck it up in a drill to sand it down. Bonus -...
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    Recent float trip

    Had our annual float on the Colorado last weekend. It was a beautiful day. Fishing was a bit slow but enough action to satisfy everyone. Got some on nymphs then switched to streamers which was a...
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    Re: Clear Creek, CO

    Rain = streamers. Dungeons are great but might be big. Buggers, slump busters and the like.
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