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    Re: Marking a 4pc Rod

    I did share this tip about 4 and a half years ago. I'm glad you found it useful.

    Thanks for remembering.
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    Re: Marking a 4pc Rod

    Here’s a tip

    The "normal" way to line up the guides is by sighting down the guides, reel seat up.

    Try this experiment. Line up the guides on your fly rod in that way.

    Take the rod you just...
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    Re: Site outage

    Sounds like a DNS attack on the server.

    Denial-of-service attack - Wikipedia
  4. Thread: chumming

    by silver creek

    Re: chumming

    I have no problem with chumming for blue water species. Without it there would be little opportunity to catch some of these species.
  5. Re: Gary Borger seminar on presentation at NJ fly fishing show yesterday

    Gary, Nancy and their poodles AG and Enzo at our lake cottage

    Gary with a smallmouth from the lake.
  6. Re: Does a Stocked Trout Ever Become Wild?

    He defines "wild" by the genetic makeup of "stocked" trout and it is a proven fact that stocked trout are EPIgenetically different than wild trout. We think of genetics as the DNA but the DNA of...
  7. Re: Gary Borger seminar on presentation at NJ fly fishing show yesterday

    Fishing The Film is a great book. I'd recommend it to fly fishers of every level.

    Here's a true story. On one fishing trip my wife and I went with Gary and his wife Nancy to fish the "wild" Wolf...
  8. Re: Does it matter which direction you twist the dubbing?

    Keeping the first thing the first thing, I am reminded that OP asked "Does it matter which direction you twist the dubbing?"

    The answer is that it does matter, because depending on the direction...
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    Re: Any one use scent on their flies?

    Whenever a discussion such as this arises, it becomes a questions of ethics. Ethics is defined as "moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity."

    However it is...
  10. Re: Montana late June. Runoff and crowds?

    Thanks for the correction.
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    Re: Edison FF Show

    Here are the show details:

    Gary Borger will be there. If anyone from the NAFFF meets him, say hello from me.

    He and Mac Brown will be giving a advanced...
  12. Re: Montana late June. Runoff and crowds?

    Off color water and water levels depend on snow pack.

    The Madison looks promising at slightly below average (93%) at this point. With the Hebgen Dam as a catchment to allow sedimentation, it...
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    Re: First self tied fly: mini streamer

    Congratulations on your first fly!!!

    Now that it has caught fish, I suggest you put that fly and save it. I wish I still had the first fly I tied.

    You will become much better at tying and it...
  14. Re: Does it matter which direction you twist the dubbing?

    I had no idea that the UK Fly Dressing Forum disappeared. The Limp Cobra link was which I just found was also gone...
  15. Re: Does it matter which direction you twist the dubbing?


    Thanks for the great comments on my UV resin. I could say yeah, use my resin everywhere for everything,

    HOWEVER, I personally don't use head cement or resin on the whip finish. I'm sure...
  16. Re: Does it matter which direction you twist the dubbing?

    ^^^^ What a hoot. That is funny.
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    Re: Montana trip advice

    Good Luck on your trip.

    Fishing between Quake and Hebgen for the browns running upstream from Quake can lead to some big fish like this one from several years ago.

    To get there, take the turn...
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    Re: School of Trout

    Fishing the Henry's Fork has often humbled me, that's for sure.
  19. Re: Does it matter which direction you twist the dubbing?

    I am going to address the last 2 answers to the OP's first post above because they need clarification. They can be correct or totally wrong depending on how one defines how the tying thread is...
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    Re: Sage Rod Chart Old to New

    Going back to a previous post I made about a thread on the WaFFF about Sage Rods, there is this spreadsheet posted by Mark Olberg

    Need expertise on very early Sage rods | Washington Fly Fishing
  21. Re: Carrying a net, without a pack or vest

    If you are wearing a pair of waders with a wading belt, you can clip the net it to a carabiner like the one below onto the wading belt. Then insert the net handle between the wading belt and the...
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    Re: Folstaf Wading Staff - Good Price?

    Contact them:

    For Warranty & Refurbishment Service:
    (607) 821-1460 EXT #2
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    Re: Dubbing shelf life?

    The dubbing is still good. Wax dries out but you might try heating it up to remelt it.

    I don't use dubbing wax. There is no need for it unless you want to touch dub in which case you want a very...
  24. Re: Duck feathers for Patridge Skin Substitute.

    Do you mean wet flies like winged wets or wet flies like soft hackles. You can use paired sections of duck feathers for winged wet flies.

    Lead Wing Coachman - classic wet fly - How to tie fly,...
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    Re: Why Use Strike Indicator?

    When I have to use a small "invisible" fly, I use Biostrike "strike putty" to help locate the fly. A dab of Biostrike on the leader tippet knot will help locate the fly or the area of the fly. When...
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