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  1. Re: Flies and/or Supplies for Project Healing Waters and Casting for Recovery (2019)

    I would love to help by tying some flies. Count me in.
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    Re: What have you been tying today?

    Hello here what I have been tying. It's my take of a Adam's Fly. I am a newbie so still sharpening my typing skills and working from my cheap fly tying kit. I am using a #14 barbless hook.19741
  3. Re: New member - why I joined - and asking permission of administrator

    Welcome to the forum!
    I love Fly fishing and new to the sport and I just got hit with a brick... My wife has stage 4 breast cancer. The only sad thing is this program is for women and I don't see...
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    Re: Winter Fly Swap 2019

    This sound FUN and you can put me down and I will tie some Adams Dry Flies.
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    Photos of my first flies

    Here is some photos of my fist flies.
    I am trying to make some Tenkara - Nymphs on a number 12 hook.
    I am looking for feedback - good or what I can do it improve. I don't have names for them. So if...
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    Fly tying kits, Yes Or No?

    I am just getting started tying flies. Did you start with a Tying KIT or How do get started?
    I bought a kit and it got me started. After having the kit. I have read Don't Buy a Kit. Most of...
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    Re: Newbie "Indicator"

    I am new to fly fishing. When I saw the strike indicator in a youtube video. My son put a strike indicator when I was fishing with him, but I did not understand how to work it or what it did. "I...
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    Re: Upcoming builds? Whats on your bench?

    My current Project is a Mudhole
    MHX One-Handed Fly Rod Kits
    SKU : #FFRK-906-4-FW-C

    Blank Model: F906 | 9'0" | 6wt.
    Rod Pieces: 4
    Kit Handle Assembly: Full Wells
    Kit Components: Silver

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    Re: Tenkara line options

    I am thinking about playing some Orange Twisted plum Line string from Home Depot. I have some in my tool box. I think it floats.
    I will play around then post how it works!
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    Re: A couple new builds I'm working on

    My next build is going to be a 9ft 6wt.
    Not sure what I will do with this one keep it or trade it. It's just fun to build.
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    Who builds their own Rods?

    So far I have built all my rods and tied most of all my flys.
    Was wondering if this normal. I find it more fun to do it this way. I am thinking that this is saving me money and adding fun to the...
  12. Thread: St. Croix

    by FlukeFly

    Re: St. Croix

    I see a St. Croix 42F904.4 SCIV / SCII Fly Rod Blank "MH" This will make a
    9'0" | 4 wt. | Fast Action | 4 Piece | 4.0 Tip | 0.32 Butt | Gloss Burgundy Finish -- fly rod. It's in the Clearance but...
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    Re: This is my third fly rod build

    The blank was OEM Fly Rod Blank PN: MFF904-4 from mudhole it was closeout sale.
    I have one that made into a fly rod. Sorry no marks on the rod blank.
    Just a black Carbon Fiber rod blank.
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    This is my third fly rod build

    This is the third custom fly rod.
    It's a 9' 6wt 4 piece Carbon Fiber black friday special, the total cost to build was under $60.00.
    It was a gift to a good friend. Here he is with it and he told...
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    My Fist Fish with a Fly

    I got my first fish with a fly.
    It was fun not a big one a bluegill at Fountainhead Park in VA.
    I dropped the fly in the water not real happy the cast. So I started to pull it in and I watched the...
  16. Re: 2 Days to fish in Virginia, where to go for trout?

    Hey stream_line,
    I live in VA near Dulles. You can PM me. I am a New to flyfishing. I throw a line in when I can.
    We don't have a real good Fly Fishing shop here. The best is the Orvis, Vienna,...
  17. Free Fishing Days in Virginia is September 28-29, 2019

    Hey I just heard on the radio. "Free Fishing Days in Virginia is September 28-29, 2019.
    Free Fishing Days—Try it, You’ll Be Hooked! | VDGIF
    I going put my line in. Maybe I will get my fist one on...
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    Hello From Northern VA

    Hello from Northern VA,
    I am new to fly fishing. Iíve been trying to fly fish about over a year and not caught one yet. My son has been fly fishing for sometime and turn me on to it. I have tied...
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