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    Re: Recommended blank for $125

    Traditial MHX from Mudhole. I've not fished the 6, but have the 4 and liked it so much I built the 5 for my son. Mudhole lists it as fast, but it feels more moderate because it flexes evenly into the...
  2. Thread: Winter Waders

    by flav

    Re: Winter Waders

    Breathables are so much warmer than neoprene in the cold. I just use a heavier wool sock and add fleece pants over my capilene base and I'm good to go in winter. I'm fine with stocking foot waders,...
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    Re: Leader Length for sink tips..

    With both poly leaders and sink tips I go with straight 8 to 10 lb mono, about 2 to 3 feet long. Some guys I know go with up to 5 feet of tippet, but I like to keep it shorter.
  4. Re: Mostly Small Fish--Where Did The Big One's Go?

    I've fished many rivers in the PNW and this is common. We don't see a cloudy day for 4 months and it's often farly hot, and the bigger fish disappear. They're there, I've seen them while snorkeling, ...
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    Re: Decision made, I think

    I agree, snowmelt is usually an issue in June, and often into the beginning of July in most areas. Some rivers are exceptions, and some years have less snow, but if I was planning this far out I'd...
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    Re: New Rod Offerings from Beulah

    I haven't seen the new G2, but if it's anything like the old Platinum, it'll be a great rod. I've fished the 12'6" 6 weight, a perfect rod for PNW summer steel, and it was one of the nicest, and...
  7. Re: Cutthroat Nylon Furled and Orvis Braided Butt Leaders

    I've used, and really liked, the Orvis braided leaders for years, but I have never tried furled mono. I also have mostly gone with straight tippet instead of stepping down in diameter like you do....
  8. Re: Changing casting direction from downstream to upstream

    Double spey or snap-T casts. Use a double if the wind is blowing downstream and the snap if it's blowing upstream. Or if you're not a great roll caster and want to cast overhead do the first snap-T...
  9. Re: single hand skagit setup for extremely large flies- skagit experts please advise

    I would follow the OPST recommendation of a 300 or 325 grain commando for an 8 weight single hander and 10 foot T-8 or T-11 tips. It's not how many grains these super short heads weigh, it's how many...
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    Re: New fly line from Headhunter

    I find mending triangle tapers lines is actually easier at distance than standard WF lines. With a regular WF line you have thin running line or back taper in your rod tip and you're trying to mend...
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    Re: Single hand line recommendations

    The smooth certainly is fine in warm water and weather. The running line is a bit stiff and I like it better in warm temps, although I still have to stretch it before I use it to get the coils out...
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    Re: Single hand line recommendations

    Definitely get a floating tip, and an intermediate isn't bad to have either (it's my fave). OPST smooth is a great line, and I think the recommended 225 should work great. I've used my smooth for...
  13. Re: Question for S&S on this New TroutHunter Fly Line????

    I like the look of that. These guys clearly have learned a lot from their explorations into trout spey and from the surprsing overhead casting performance of lines like the Rio single hand spey. I'd...
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    Re: Single hand line recommendations

    I definitely recommend an integrated line for stripping streamers. I've used the OPST commando smooth and wulff ambush, but not the ambush short, which seems similar to the commando. The shorter the...
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    Re: Best weight putty?

    I've used loon and a couple other brands, and can't really tell the difference. I use loon right now, it's what was at the fly shop when I ran out. I've heard of guys using tungsten putty made for...
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    Re: Domestic Trout Fishing Travel

    In Oregon I see a lot of out of state plates along the rivers, especially along summer steelhead rivers. Most out a state guys I talk with are from other western states with the most being from...
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    Re: Do you half hitch after your clinch knot?

    I test all my knots like that. I've been surprised by some of the results.
    If you were losing a fly every few minutes that sounds more like a casting problem over a knot problem, unless you were...
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    Re: Simms Aluminum Wading Staff

    I used the original aluminum Simms staff for several years and loved it. When I lost my old staff I looked to replace it with another Simms, but they'd redesigned it. I disliked the new model so much...
  19. Re: Single hand Spey line setup and general questions

    Thanks, now I know what you're planning. I also fish a 4 weight for river smallmouth for exactly the same reasons. I use two lines; a Rio single hand spey for lighter flies and an OPST smooth for...
  20. Re: Single hand Spey line setup and general questions

    First off, what do you intend to do with this setup? Is it primarily for nymphing and dry flies, or as I suspect, more for swinging and stripping streamers with sinking poly leaders or sink tips?...
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    Re: what the heck kinda bug is this

    We always called those "whirligig beetles" too. I've never seen a fish eat one.
  22. Re: What Pontoon/Inflatable Modifications or Accessories Have You Added

    I added a scotty rod hoder, the one that came with my toon is ok, but I like one I can position any way I want. I also added a pack that hangs on the back of the seat and oar-rites to keep my oars...
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    Re: Recommendations for 330ish grains

    Like Ard says, check out the manufacturer's recommendations for each rod. Also check out Rio's spey and switch line chart on their website, it lists most rods out there and line recommendations for...
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    Re: Enticed Rise Method of fishing a Dry Fly

    Those are cutties, that explains it right there. Those silly westslopes will chase down anything they can see, and in heavy water it's easier for them to see a waking fly than one dead drifting.
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    Re: Turning Over Flies...

    Overhead, sidearm, underhanded; it doesn't matter how you cast, you can't control how your fly is oriented during the cast, and it doesn't really matter. It's the last few moments of the cast, when...
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