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    Re: Sage Bass ll Flyrods: opinions based on use

    Fishing for muskies is a lot of work. So far, no takes. I plan fishing for them this August and Sept so we will see. I think the Sage 330 grain is plenty for most muskie. Many I catch are between 28...
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    Re: St Croix downsizing...

    When SC addresses a return or repair they will often replace it with a different rod rather than with the same blank of the problem rod. I had a 7 wt imperial and they replaced it with an avid. So,...
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    Re: St Croix downsizing...

    I recently visited their factory in Park Falls to turn in a broken spinning rod and to get it fixed. Their factory is on the small side but what is nice is that they have a store attached to the...
  4. Re: What are your must have's that you would not want to fish without?

    A comfortable hat. With my current hair style, nearly bald, a hat is essential. Also keeps rain and sun out of eyes and off my glasses. SR
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    Re: Winston A Venerable Classic Brand?

    SandS. Your analysis of how Winston rods have changed, especially in terms of innovation and new technology in a small market would make an excellent college management case study. A possible title...
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    Re: Where's the best fly fishing in the country?

    When you find out, let me know. Then make a YouTube video of your experience to so everyone can learn where the best place is located.
    Thanks, SR
  7. Re: Do you fish on SUPs or Kayaks? Which one do you prefer?

    One other comment. If I was only fishing rivers with current my preferred craft would be a driftboat.
  8. Re: Do you fish on SUPs or Kayaks? Which one do you prefer?

    I think the market you are talking about is rather small and highly specialized. The key question for me is what kind of fishing situation are you referring to where a SUP would offer advantages over...
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    Re: Any Sage Light Line fans?

    I have this same rod and agree with Big Fly that it is a very nice rod to cast. I also keep mine tubed and do not use it much any more. I also have a 2 pc 389 that in my opinion, has a nicer and...
  10. Re: Are Guides On Trout Rivers Becoming a Problem For Other Fisherman? I Say Yes

    I think a lot of this depends. All of the guides I have used have been exceptional in their support for the ethical pursuit of the sport.; I have run into guides on rivers in the Midwest who have...
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    Re: Fly fishing... a young persons hobby/sport?

    I started in my mid teens over 50 years ago. Never gave thought to age and fly fishing. I simply did things more cheaply because I could not afford high end stuff. So, I am happy to hear that...
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    Re: Equipment that's too nice to use.

    I like to use my equipment, but agree that seeing it dinged is hard. My basic rule is that if a piece of fly fishing equipment is too pretty or nice to use, then do not buy it. As Ard points out...
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    Summer weight fishing gloves

    I need some help. Can anyone recommend summer weight fishing gloves, the fingerless variety that they have used? Most I see are heavier weight. I want something that will be comfortable in the...
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    Re: Sol in prime, sweet summertime

    Joey, nice report and enjoyable reading. I have a question about the gloves you are wearing. I am looking for some lightweight summer fishing gloves and wonder if you could tell me about the one’s...
  15. Re: Hairy Experiences with animals while fly fishing

    I agree snakes can be a real issue. Years ago I did a float fly fishing trip on the Spring River in Arkansas. While camping on a gravel bar, I decided to collect some firewood. Not paying...
  16. Re: Hairy Experiences with animals while fly fishing

    LOL. Well, I guess that depends on his sexual intent.
  17. Hairy Experiences with animals while fly fishing

    A recent thread about using a small kayak in Florida among alligators got me thinking. While not facing that situation, I have had some sketchy experiences with animals over my life time while fly...
  18. Re: So how long does a dry fly leader really need to be?

    This is a good thread. The responses so far have also been very informative and useful. Having fished driftless streams in the Midwest many times, more with nymphs than dries, I use 7-8 foot...
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    Re: Defintely A Cut Above The Rest!!!!!

    I have really enjoy this site. It is friendly, helpful, and substantive. I think to some degree it stems from fly fishers having a different perspective about fishing in general where satisfaction...
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    Re: To net or not to net. THAT is the question

    I got a new net this year, but have decided to not use it very much. I walk a lot when fishing streams and here in the Midwest with a lot of underbrush, the net invariably gets hung up on plants,...
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    Re: Bread and butter nymph

    Just goes to show what a bead head, some hare fur and dubbing can do to catch fish. I have not used this fly but I plan to tie some up. Looks pretty easy to tie. Best SR
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    Re: Mosquito Season again

    I have to deal with these pests every year as well. My first line of defense is to dress properly. Wear a long sleeve shirt and pants, socks and a hat, preferably all treated with permethrin. This...
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    Re: Do you have a fly rod problem?

    I see your idea here but my guess is that the 4 wt satisfies most of your needs, most of the time. For me, I probably use a 5 wt the same way, in terms of multiple rods. I have about 5 or 6 5 wts...
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    Re: Why are you here?

    I often did searches to research new gear and equipment and often landed here. When I started to post everyone was very helpful and positive unlike some other sites I have been on. I have learned a...
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    Re: Health Issues ...

    I sure hope all works out OK. I have my issues and know how important health is. You have my best and I encourage you to hang in there. Best, SR
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