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  1. Re: Nipper thread .. everyones favorite .. which one? Orvis or Abel

    I think we need an "Abel or ?" zinger thread :nod:
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    Re: Upper Clackamas?

    Just got back to the hotel about an hour ago. No fish caught but I did watch a huge salmon swim around in some shallow water. It had a white tail. Pretty far upstream I thought. I saw the sign...
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    Upper Clackamas?

    I'll be in Portland for a couple of days so figured I'd hit the upper Clackamas. I did this same trip last year but didn't find any fish but didn't go too far up either. I did see plenty of spawned...
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    Re: Problems with Korkers boots

    I started with Korkers with felt soles and after two years I purchased felt soles with studs. The soles held up over the three years combine I owned them. It was the rest of the boot that somehow...
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    Re: Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net

    My Fishpond net is the Native version. I've had it for three years and the netting is still in fine shape. I keep mine attached to whatever I'm using that day which now is a lumbar pack. I use the...
  6. Thread: DIY VersiTip?

    by wjlapier

    Re: DIY VersiTip?

    I saw the Rio VersiLeader at my local sporting goods store. You just add it to your regular ( floating ) flyline and that's it? I see they had various sinking rates and a loop on both ends. If I...
  7. Thread: DIY VersiTip?

    by wjlapier

    DIY VersiTip?

    Almost $200 for the Rio Intouch VersiTip II line kit, has anyone made their own? I'm not sure I need all the tips in the Rio version but to have a sinking leader and floating leader that can easily...
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    Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    Something I needed this summer...
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    Re: Rainbow Trout Pics

    Pretty good day today. Plenty fish biting and many are smaller but I did manage to catch a few that were considered large in this river ( not counting Steelhead and Salmon ). Not bad for a low...
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    Re: Bull Trout Porn

    Today I was fortunate to hook into a bull trout here in Montana. I was using my new to me 9’6” 3wt nymphing rod. I wasn’t fishing for them but this one went after a streamer I decided to try. I...
  11. Re: Of Simms Wading Staffs & Boot Cleats...............

    G3 Guide Boots with the recommended pattern for the Simms Star Cleats.

    From Simms:

    "There should be designated spots the same shape of the cleat where you screw them in. They should be around...
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    Re: What Did You Buy Today?

    Not sure I NEED these but I've wanted them for a while. Now, do I use them or put them on a shelf in my tying room. II is ready...
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    Re: Fly fishing deals/sales

    Ross F1 #1 for $200
    Abel CFO's I and II both $235.

    All three reels new or new condition from the classifieds on this site.
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    Re: Orvis CFO reels

    Kind of a feedback post. I purchased the CFO II first from Perry then decided what the heck, might as well get the other. Perry was quick to ship and kept me posted when he shipped and the tracking...
  15. Re: Of Simms Wading Staffs & Boot Cleats...............

    This was from a couple of days ago. I'm at the end of my hike and resting on a log that is lying across the river. Water level is very low or I wouldn't be this far upstream from where I started. ...
  16. Re: Of Simms Wading Staffs & Boot Cleats...............

    I should add that Simms did send me two pucks of the star cleats free after I asked them about a pattern on the sole that would be best.

    Sharing photos of our rivers we fish is a great idea. I...
  17. Re: Of Simms Wading Staffs & Boot Cleats...............

    I have the star cleats for my G3 boots. And now I use a Fishpond wading stick--the one I started with and lost. I bought another when they went on sale. I always use a wading stick. Best wading...
  18. Re: Help! I'm clearly overthinking wading boot studs

    I contacted Simms about a pattern for the studs on the boots for better grip. I told them how they were working ( not really working ) for me and they contacted me back and sent me two pucks of the...
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    Re: Small stream Stories and Pictures;

    Blue Mountain river in SE Washington. Fish are fewer this time of the year and a treat to find them when you do. Hooked a few nice one's in the last couple of days. Rainbows mainly here.

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    Re: Euro Nymphing Low Cost Rod Options

    I came across a 9'6" 3wt Cabelas CZN rod on Ebay for $130. Figured I could put it up for sale if it didn't work out. The rod arrived yesterday and the length is obvious to someone who rarely fishes...
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    Re: Single Nymph for Euro Nymphing Newbie?

    Most of the flies I use are nymphs and most of the time only one. Yesterday I gave euronymphing a try. Built my own leader following Lance Egan's method. I might modify it for this particular...
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    WTB: Ross F1 #1 Spool

    I'm in need of an extra Ross F1 #1 spool. My reel is nickel color but at this point I'm willing to accept either color. I'm located in the US. LMK info on the spool you have and price shipped to...
  23. Re: Mostly Small Fish--Where Did The Big One's Go?

    That helps a lot. Appreciate it.
  24. Mostly Small Fish--Where Did The Big One's Go?

    I've wondered this for the past two years. This is my third year fly fishing. As the season goes on ( spring into summer ) I notice less larger fish and mostly smaller ones. Yesterday, the largest...
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    Re: Help. I'm overthinking wading staffs.

    Yesterday I was at a Sportsman's Warehouse and they had the older Fishpond Slipper Rock staff for $59. Discounted down from $99. This was my original wading staff I used for one season and at the...
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