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Thread: Rainbow Bugger

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    Well this is my first post here, hope I don't do anything wrong. This is a pattern I started tying a couple years back when living in Idaho, I used to fish it in the Malad Gorge (out of Hagerman). It worked really well on Golden's and Rainbows, purple is probably the most productive, next would be red/brown mylar. I use a tungsten bead for the head to help promote sinking and wrap the hook shank in wire also. I am heading off on Sat. to fish browns on the S.D. WY. border, I will update when I return. (hope the pic shows up)

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    Nice to see a new member. And a nice fly pattern.LOL Thats a nice pattern It is customary to post an introduction here:Member Introductions - Fish&Fly North American Fly Fishing Forum,but don't worry. I did the exact same thing as you. So have others

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    on board,nice fly....purple may be attractive on bows...reminds me a pattern I created long ago and called the bishopfor when the bishop is here trout must say their prayers

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    travismgause: Welcome to the forum and nice streamer! We have a few other members living in the Cody area, if that is close to you. What waters do you like to fish?


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    Well I just moved to Wyoming a few weeks ago so I havnt fished any water yet, but heard about a place named sand creek that I am going to try this weekend, full of browns and cutts, clear water undercut banks...sounds like fun I will update when I return

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    you guys are making me miss my old stomping grounds (Greybull Wy). You should be getting strikes with that one travismgause. I've fished the general area you are going and you will be pleased I think.

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    . Nice looking Bugger. Nice effect in the pic with the rainbow flash showing. Yeah, let us know how it goes.

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