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    Default pink conehead marabou bugger

    Before I tie anymore of these I what to know what you think(salmon/steelie fly)???
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    Default Re: pink conehead marabou bugger

    nice tie, I do know they work for steelehead in the salmon river area in new york,fish them anyway good luck

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    Default Re: pink conehead marabou bugger

    Hi kruggy1,

    That is a good looking fly but I would rather have some black in it some place. Why the black, I don't know. I just had better luck with a black and pink instead of an all pink fly. Here are some examples that you might think about. Some have trailer hooks.


    I know that some are red and black but these are just to give you some things to think about.

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    Default Re: pink conehead marabou bugger

    Frank, heres a pink/black pattern I tied up awhile back is this what your talking about.
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    Default Re: pink conehead marabou bugger

    im sure they would work for salmon and stuff but im wondering what the little bass around me would do with them..0_o
    "A good cast is like a good whiskey- It's smooth and hits the spot" -Anonymous fly fishing guide

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