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Thread: spey flies

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    Hi Guys
    the heads are finished with twinkle over the tying thread, it is sometimes used over here for sea trout flies,it catches the evening light and triggers the fish,but sometimes it can have the opposite effect and scare the hell out of the fish, i have seen 3lb sea trout gobble the flies up like mad yet a 9lb sea trout has been spooked and run 50 metres from the fly.
    Just starting some new patterns with Bronze Mallard and real polar bear dyed in Picric acid, it is fantastic you get an olive colored bronze mallard with a hint of fiery Brown, and the Polar bear has to be seen to believe, it comes out translucent i used this last year for Dabblers and under wing on green Peters on the Irish Loughs and it worked a treat .

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    I've had the same experience with Polar Bear. I tied up an Alaska Mary Ann pattern about a year ago and found that in the water, the PB hairs are naturally translucent. I'm assuming that your picric acid treatment takes out whatever small amount of pigment is present in the natural PB hairs and renders them even more so.

    My 3 favorite fly tying materials are: Peacock herl, because of its natural iridescence, Marabou, because of it's action in the water and PB hair, because of its translucence.

    I can't wait to see what your picric/PB flies look like!


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