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Thread: Foamulator

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    There's nothing like a stimulator to draw a strike when there is no apparent hatch, but in the fast running streams where I fish, all the gink in the world couldn't keep my flies from going under. Enter the foamulator, it looks just like a regular stimulator, but with a foam body it's practically unsinkable. You tie it exactly the same way only you wrap a thin strip of foam instead of dubbing or chenille for the body. I even use red foam on the nose of the fly. This method gives you the buoyancy of a foam fly, with traditional styling.

    On this one I am using olive over natural deer hair for the tail and wing with grizzly hackle. I'm not claiming to have invented this pattern as I'm sure it's been done before, but just thought I'd share. This method works great for EHC as well.

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    I agree with your fusion of traditional and new materials...
    I made some "mayflies" from a green foam that matched some bugs I'd been seeing on the water - very greenish yellow bugs that were large. Simple tie - tail of hackle wrapped a thin strip of foam, then hackle in front. Done...
    Floats awesome and catches fish.

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    Very nice SCflyguy, foam is a wonderful

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    Superb Tie!!!!
    I like organic chicken..... The kind with the capes still on 'em

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    Hi SCflyguy,

    Thanks for sharing a very nice tie. I use a lot of Stimulators and yours looks like a winner and my favorite color.

    Here is a fly from Kaufmann's Streamborn that they call a Foamulator.


    Kaufmann's Foamulators

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    Really beautiful tying Flyguy!
    Kaufmann's Foamulator's a strange beast Frank...not sure some fish won't be afraidby this ET fly

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    I like foam for exactly what you say; it keeps the fly up on top of the water, even in fast moving water or in plunge pools. And even if it does go under for a short time in the most turbulent water, it always pops back to the surface not far down the stream.

    I also use it as an underbody on flies that are tied with chenile and hackled; like catepillar patterns.

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