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  1. Default Crawfish pattern to tie...

    fellow fly tiers help me out with a good crawfish pattern and how to tie..I like the looks of fsfanatic's pattern but need a little help on the tying sequence..

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    I don't think that you have to make it look just like a crayfish (keep it simple). Just try to get the action, which means how you fish it is more important. This is what I use, right on the bottom with depth charge line, and fsfanatic will agree (I hope), that this works!

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    Mike, you might try this url for a crawfish pattern. Casey Smartt (Gartooth) is a really good tyer, lives in New Braunfels, TX (or somewhere close). He has several good patterns, and while I haven't used this one yet, it does look good and I don't think too difficult to tie. The Backwater Hawg website has a bunch of good flies for other species, types of water , etc.

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