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Frank Whiton 09-06-2009 11:33 AM

How do I start the thread on a hook shank.
This is a short tutorial to show how to securely start the tying thread on the hookshank aimed at fly tying beginners

Starting the tying thread on the hook shank (right handed tiers!)

The final product - a nice secure and level base to start fly tying from

Step 1
Start with the bobbin holder in the Right hand above the hook shank and the thread held taught against the shank with the Left hand below the shank.

Step 2
Move the right hand away from you so that the thread goes over the shank and then bring it back underneath the shank towards you.

Step 3
Continue winding the thread firmly with the bobbin holder along the hook shank down towards the bend whilst holding the tag end taut with the Left hand. By keeping the tag end taut and angled slightly towards you it will help “guide” the wound turns into position down the shank.

Step 4
When sufficient turns have been made to firmly grip the hook shank the tag end that was held in the left hand can be trimmed off and the winding turns continued down the shank towards the bend.

Step 5
The thread foundation is now ready to commence the rest of the dressing.

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