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Thread: Hot Core SBS

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    Default Hot Core SBS

    Here is a SBS for a fly I found on a UK pike fly site that I loved and tied up a few of. I think they'll be great bass and hopefully striper flies if I can find them this summber. I can probably take some white bass on some smaller ones if I get them tied Up.

    Hook: any, these are tied on size 2 streamer hooks and 2/0 bass work hooks. The worm hook being with the idea that they might right hook point up (haven't tested this theory).

    Flash: your preference, I was using H2O flash from FTD
    Body: Any synthetic, These are all Congo Hair from FTD but the step-by-step is water silk, also by FTD.

    1. Begin by mounting your hook in your vise and creating a thread base.
    2. Cut off a small clump of your preferred material and a bit of flash. Split the clump in half material wise. Tie the first clump in at the back of the hook to your desired Length and Tie the flash in on top of that. This bit was done together for the first picture.

    3. Tie in the other bit of tail material on the top of the flash.

    4. Advance the thread forward. Pick a contrasting color that you want the "core" of the fly to be. For me it was flourescent orange. Clip a bit if teh same thickness as you did your tail. Cut it into fourths and then split halve that amount of material. This should give you eight strips, all you'll need.

    5. Tie in four strips of material in the middle of each. One top, bottom, right and left sides of the shank.

    6. Move thread ahead of the four clumps and tie them back.

    7. Complete step five and six again for the other four clumps.

    8. Cut a length of material from your tail color again. Do the same as you did last time with the core color but only cut it in half, not into fourths. You will actually need two clumps, both cut in half. Halve the material again.

    9. Even though the pieces will be longer tie them in facing forward. Tie the first four clumps in on the top, bottom, right and left side of the shank.

    10. Move the thread ahead of the material and tie it back, as you did with the core color.

    11. Now tie in your second for long clumps. I prefere to tie them in at the diagonals of the first for you tied in. If the top of the shank is due north, tie it in NE, NW, SE, SW.

    12. Tie these back as you did with the last clump.

    13. Whip finish and create your head. If you have eyese glue them into place, I currently do not have any so these are lacking the eyes. This is the side profile.

    Top Profile:

    Other Hot Cores:

    Tie some up, I think they should fish well for any species, and they have a good full profile but may need a large rod to throw. the two on the bass hooks are nearly six inches each.

    I hope this was clear enough to follow as it was my first step-by-step. In the future I hope to do a few more. I'd like to know if anyone catches any fish on this pattern, I know I'll be trying.

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    Default Re: Hot Core SBS

    hmmm, I think this is something I could make with AZ Diamond Hair and would be good for ashurtz or Lake Mary Pike.


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