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Thread: Fly collection

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    Tying is my passion. I figure I spend about 10 hours a week tying flies while watching TV. Thought it would be interesting to lay out the collection. The flies not in bags have been tied since May/June and have never seen water. The bags have egg sucking leeches, clousers, minnows and other newly tied, but non-pike flies...mostly for salmon and steelhead in the spring and late fall. I put the epoxy dryer in the upper corner for a size reference. The flies near it are around ten inches long. I didn't include the fished flies in my chest pack.

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    Nice flies. I do the same thing. Tie almost every night watching TV.
    Never thought about tying those minnow patterns on a short shank hook. I'll bet those work better.

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    Nice looking flies...


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    Good stuff.

    I find the ones with the forked tail especially interesting. How are you doing that?

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I make a nail knot around the body material where ever it seems to look correct proportionate on the fly. I then run some epoxy on teh thread and a ball on the tail side. When it is close to gettign tacky I smash it flat to flair the tail. The cut the fin to look correct. Always cut the bigger than you think it should be. Its easier to remove material than put it back.

    The flies with tails are for display only...they look great, but the action in the water is **** and worthless.

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    Nice you have to go fishing a little to use all these flies

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    Great collection looks like you've been cranking them out. And i really like that tail!


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    I like collections, they are a sort of wealth. Yours is a very nice bunch of ties and I'm sure you are going to make more deposits soon.

    Nice work Gar,


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    I thought I was the only one watching TV while tying. Miss most of the show though.

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