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Thread: Green Butt Skunks, classic and Dee

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    Default Green Butt Skunks, classic and Dee

    I tied a couple different versions of the Green Butt Skunk. The one on the left is the classic hair wing version, but I add four strands of crystal flash in the calf tail wing. I also tied the black body with black ostrich herl instead of chenile as it has better action in the water. The one on the right is a Dee fly version I tied with strip wings made of mottled oak turkey. The body of the Dee fly is floss instead of chenile and I made the rib of opal tinsel and oval silver tinsel. The tail is Amherst pheasant crest. Pocono has expressed some interest in a salmon fly swap. I was thinking if we did that maybe I would do something like one of these.

    I got a new digital camera. It takes much better closeups than my old one did.

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    Damn nice flies.

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    Default Re: Green Butt Skunks, classic and Dee

    Great stuff! I started tying Spey flies about two years ago, it is sort of an addiction within an addiction! I'll have to watch for the salmon fly swap.
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    Default Re: Green Butt Skunks, classic and Dee

    Nice flies Dan,

    I'm thinking that with all the winter work I have to do I don't have time to do a dozen flies for a swap............................... but then it would be months before I had to have them done...........

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