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    Default Old Fly, Tied For Fun

    I was clearing out a wet fly wallet to make room for new ties and came across this. I did this about a year and a half ago and had forgotten about it. It is fishable but appears I was just fooling around with streamers and made it. It's a little lumpy around the tip but still pretty.

    Let's call it Golden Brown;


    If you want one here's the............. Tying Recipe

    Hook: Old Stock, Mustad 3665A 8X long
    Thread: Black
    Tag: Flat gold tinsel
    Tip: Golden yellow floss
    Body: Black floss
    Ribbing: Golden floss followed by heavy gold oval tinsel
    Throat: Golden bucktail sparse over which are a bunch of peacock herl both to the bend of the hook
    Wing: Four dark brown saddle hackle
    Shoulders: Guinea flank dyed golden yellow
    Cheeks: Jungle cock nails
    Topping: A golden pheasant crest as long as the wing

    The more I look at this, if you make them shorter on a size 4 maybe they would be a good streamer for any kind of trout.

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    Default Re: Old Fly, Tied For Fun

    Hey that is a great fly! Is that brown saddle? Very nice, I have never seen anything similar. I think it would work in a lake I used to fish that was stocked with Northern Dace as a food fish. They are black with gold stripes, not a far stretch from this.
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    Default Re: Old Fly, Tied For Fun

    You tie some beautiful flies Ard. Fun to see. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Old Fly, Tied For Fun

    Great tie again. I like the more natural colors. Awsome.

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    Default Re: Old Fly, Tied For Fun

    Ard: Another beautiful streamer! Congrats!


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    Default Re: Old Fly, Tied For Fun

    If this fly was a lady I would say:still charming despite the years

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