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    Default baby bass streamer

    Gar's fly in the bass fly swap inspired me to try something new.

    this is my first sttempt at this style of streamer, and I tied it in a baby bass color pattern. I think ill try a perch color next. I'mhoping bass and pike will try to eat it

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    Default Re: baby bass streamer

    Very nice Rmooney

    I bet that ill look real good wet


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    Default Re: baby bass streamer

    Nice! I'd eat it...if I were a fish.

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    Default Re: baby bass streamer

    That should work well anywhere, salt included. Well done!

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: baby bass streamer

    I like it! Gar's flies are a pretty good pattern aren't they?

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    Default Re: baby bass streamer

    I think they'll do more than try...

    Nice job!

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