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    Default A fly and a concept for 2010

    Attached is the first fly I tied in 2010, now along with the fly is a picture in the background. I did this yesterday with the bucktails, and thought I would give the fly and the concept a go in 2010, not with everything I tie, but with a creative few.

    What I do is find a picture of something I want to tie, RB or Brown trout fry, river Sculpin, etc.. and then try to 'impressionistically" tie a fly that has the colors, gen shape etc. I don't always succeed, but it is fun trying. Hope you all have a great new year.

    BTW the recipe:

    #8 TMC 5263
    Black Thread
    Opalescent Black Estaz - body
    tan bucktail - tail, side wings and top fin.
    finish with a Brown wet hackle near the front and whip finish the head.


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    Default Re: A fly and a concept for 2010

    Good looking fly Dave,

    I used the idea of copying baby fish to develop the best streamer I ever tied. I hope it works good for you.


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    Nice ty man, let us know how it works

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    Default Re: A fly and a concept for 2010

    Thanks Guys, I tied this one to simulate the river sculpin shown in the pic above it (well kinda out of focus), but anyway, I am hoping the wind will die down tonight and I can get on the river tomorrow, scouted a new spot on Thursday, found a couple slow deep pools.....wish me luck.


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    Default Re: A fly and a concept for 2010

    Good looking fly...Let us know how it works for you...


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    Default Re: A fly and a concept for 2010

    Well, I got on the river today for a few hours and nada, not even a hit. Not sure what happened, even one of my favorite spots was barren today. Temps got up to about 40, the water was a bit murky and kind of a cloudy dark tea color, of course that could have been my new amber fishing glasses now that I think about it...(duh!). In any case, tried the new streamer and it looks good in the water, but as I said, no strikes. Not on anything prince, copper john, scud, streamers, etc.

    I would feel bad about it but I ran in to three others fishing today and they were getting skunked also, including one who was using worms...


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