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Thread: Simpleflexiclone Tube Fly

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    After playing with the Simpleclone I decided to do it on a tube and restrict the amount of Bug-Bond to a bit more than a comb thru'! Lavender, pale blue and yellow bucktail over white Icelandic sheep with a twist of Angel hair thru' it... 10mm Rainbow Funky Eyes finish it off!

    Just because I like tubes

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    Default Re: Simpleflexiclone Tube Fly

    I like it. Is the hair tied on reverse like a hollow fly? what do you fix the head with?

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    Default Re: Simpleflexiclone Tube Fly

    Very cool looking fly, yes, how is the head tied?


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    Thanks for the feedback... much appreciated.


    1. reverse tie icelandic sheep (don,t take out the under fur... you need it very dense as it is a core
    2 then reverse tie bucktail to give a good covering BUT not swamp the fly... you know less is more and all that
    3 in amongst that get some angel hair and reverse tie..
    4 push the material back with wider pipe than you would do on a hook
    5 with Bug-Bond I now brush this into the fibres very lightly and then cure the head with the UV light... work your way around the head working up the amount as you go... BUT it is meant to be so you can squeeze the head and it'll pop back
    6 place on eyes and locate with Bug-Bond and cure with the UV light
    7 apply more Bug-Bond to the head and cure... remember it aint meant to be hard... squeezy like a contact lens
    8 I secured between each tie again tiny amount of B-B

    The advantage of Bug-Bond is that when you cure it there isn't a sticky residue that you have to take off with alcohol or paint with nail varnish.

    Hope that helps...

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