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    Default pike/bass streamer

    this fly is about 5-6 inches long, it took me SOOOO LONG to tie, i almost dont want to fish it...but i will anyway

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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    That oughtta work! I make a long one for pike but I put a #8 double hook as a stinger about three inches behind the front single. It (the double) is often engaged as well as the single.

    I am going to concentrate on catching some pike this year at the cabin. The Lake is full of them. If I get them to hit my flies I'll send you or post a picture of whatever works. When you use this one let us know how you do. The fly looks great!!


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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    More often then not pike wont go for the tail...or they'll go for the whole thing. I make a secret streamer that has put several 40" pike in my net. These flies are close to 11" long at the max, most are in that 9" range. (well I make 3 types a short that is prob 2"-3" one that hits 6" and the others are very long using much flash and hacklez) One thing I can say from fishing for pike and musky for many many years is that there isnt such a word as too long or too short. Giving the nice bodie you tied that is what will attract the strike. Now when I make a hybrid bunny fly, I put the hook curve at about mid body. I do this since the zonker strips are much bulkier than feathers or flashboo and thus may be targeted by smaller fish. But anything over 20" will take that fly with no problems (the only prob is getting the hook set right). Now for bass, largmouth shouldn't have much prob either. Smallies in my experiance tend to hit mid body or toward the head on a larger fly. The flies I use for smallies range in that 5"-6" range and have had no problems getting fish hooked, it is the smaller fish that try and hit a fly thats just as big as they are that you have a hard time hooking.
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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    Looks like a good fly, I'll bet it would be a good color for Musky too. I like it. How long did it take to tie?

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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    It took me around an hour i think. my back was so sore afterwards! the fly is basically layers of repeating materials- grizzlyhackle, flashabou or krystal flash, marabou, then bucktail. it was really frustrating at the end because I couldnt get the head to form neatly. That happens a lot forme when the last material i put on the fly is bucktail. But i eventually got it flush and got a nice, neat head. then i put on the eyes and z-poxied it.

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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    i get the same probs with the head. try kevlar and spin as little as needed. all my flies get fish'n glue on them before I move on to other stuffs. This helps secure everything with not over wrapping. This should give you enough space at the end to make a good head. try it and see if that helps. and yes most pike/musky flies take a long time to make. my average is just over an hour per fly and thats not counting epoxy and eye time.
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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    rmooney: Great looking fly, with all that material I can see where you spent a lot of time getting everything in place correctly. That looks so good, I would have a hard time taking it out and getting it wet. LOL!


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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    Nice, Id have a hard time fishing it too it just about dose your head in when you lose one you have put so much time in too


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    Default Re: pike/bass streamer

    Very nice looking...After all that work I'd almost hate to fish it...


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