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Thread: Phoenix fly

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    Default Phoenix fly

    Now that Ive finnished the swaps I thought to tie somthing harder for fun
    I had heaps of yellow,red, and orange dubbing scraps on my bench so I blended it and used it for this fly the colour reminded me of a phoenix
    and I tryed to use this theame in a salmon style fly

    Tip- gold flat
    Tag- red floss
    Tail- gold Tippets
    Butt- hot red glister dubbing trimmed (to look like herl)
    Body- Pheonix dubbing
    Rib- gold flat followed with hot orange saddle(long)
    Under wing- turkey tail
    wing- cinnamon mottled turkey quil
    Throat- hot orange saddle(long)
    Topping- Pheasant (irridescant green/dark red dyed)


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    Default Re: Phoenix fly

    That's a pretty sweet looking fly for just having scraps on the table

    - Justin

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    Default Re: Phoenix fly

    Chris, that is a sweet looking fly...


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    Default Re: Phoenix fly

    -Chris, very nicely done, excellent.

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    Default Re: Phoenix fly


    Yep, what they said; really nice job and you have that head spot on! Nice fly!


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    Thanks Guys


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    Default Re: Phoenix fly

    I like it! Nice tie.

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