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  1. Default For your review part 2!


    First one is a Chartreuse colored soft hackle.

    Second is a caddis that does well for me, it has a dubbed cdc body, the green tying thread makes an egg sac at the back, and the wing is kind of a cross between a Goddard Caddis in the front and Al Troth's Elk Hair towards the rear.

    Third is a little foam Yellow Sally.

    Thanks for looking! What do you think?

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    Sorry....still getting used to posting pics!

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    Default Re: For your review part 2!

    I think those are great looking flies. Someday I hope to get that good around the eye of the hook.

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    Default Re: For your review part 2!

    Really good job Dorian!....think I'm not the only one who's going to congratulate you

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    Default Re: For your review part 2!

    Nice! I was tying Elk Hair Caddis yesterday and today, and using the same
    vise as you.

    They all look like fish catchers to me, Dorian, and something you can be proud to have in your fly box.

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    Great job DD...your time at the vice is showing great results.

    - Justin

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    -Hi Justin, only works, is excellent.

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    Default Re: For your review part 2!

    Very nice, your flies look great.
    sandfly/ bob
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    Default Re: For your review part 2!

    Nice job Dorian...


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