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Dan, those are nice flies!

I definitely think that they'll work as emergers if put plenty of floatant on the thorax.

But, you know, I'm also seeing something else in the 3 on the right and the top one on the left. I'm seeing diving caddis adults.

This is just a thought, but I'll bet that those flies would be effective on the way down the water column if you put just a little weight under the thorax (5-6 turns of 0.010 or 0.015 lead (or environmental friendly lead substitute) and used body and wing materials that will wet.

The way that you have them laid out on the pad; head down, made me think about using them that way.

By the way, I'm about as far from being an approver as you can get. I think your flies look great; I'd be happy to fish them anytime.

Hmmm..Maybe a small glass bead for some weight and that glint of light... Now you have me thinking of some more variations Alan...