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Offshore 05-10-2010 05:30 PM

Fly for the tropics...
I've been playing... I love bucktail but quality stuff is hard to get in the UK and some synthetics offer a good alternative. Based on comment from one of my pals I've decided to tie up some synthetic baitfish patterns for some fishing in the tropics later this year. This fella has been tied on a size 1 Mustad C70?? with Mono thread and...

Offwhite SF Blend
Shrimp Slinky
Pale Purple SF
Sea Blue Slinky
Herring Back SF
Totally NEW material Funky Shimmer and Shine Black/Purple Mix (this is nice and 2 inches longer than Slinky!!)
Funky 3 colour round eyes... Mirage with chartreuse.

I have to say with only a few fibres of some colours on the basis that less is more!

Everything is secured with Bug-Bond...

Happy to take comments from those who fish warm/tropical waters (will it work?)... or indeed any tyer of baitfish patterns.

MoscaPescador 05-10-2010 10:39 PM

Re: Fly for the tropics...
I like it!!!

I can see a lot of fish going for it. If you find a school of Skipjack Tuna or Dorado, something should attack it. I'm sure that a Barracuda would eat that.

One suggestion is not to limit yourself to that color. Make some bronzed backed, olive backed, chartreuse backed, and black backed.

Another suggestion is to put on a red gill slit. It can be as simple as drawing it onto the material with a pen. Or you can tie in a short piece of red flash.


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