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    Default Another pike fly...

    Finals are done and I have time to tie again...heres a pike fly design im messing around with...

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    Default Re: Another pike fly...

    Wow that's going to have a ton of action in the water--- good luck with it

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    Default Re: Another pike fly...

    Rick James Disco Squirrel!
    Daddy Like!!
    "I knew a tier once. One time he was holding a lump of cat hair he found on his couch, sort of twirling it about his fingers, tugging at it. I asked, what in the hell are you doing man? He looked startled, ashamed. But I knew what he was thinking. right then and there I decided to just buy my fly's thankyouverymuch." ~ cwg

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    Rob very nicely tied, the hackles out the side are a nice touch


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