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  1. Default How do you post pics

    Love the forum - and the amazing work you all do on your flies! Awesome to see!

    Ok, I'm pleading ignorance! I'm pretty new to this forum, and this was the first time I was going to post a pic... but some how, I can not figure out how. is there a post on the forum some place describing that - or do any of you have a quick answer?


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    Default Re: How do you post pics


    Welcome to the site and I hope you become a regular here. The link below should help you with posting photos. If you continue to have difficulties let me know.


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    Default Re: How do you post pics


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    Default Re: How do you post pics

    Will, thank you so much for asking the question that I have been avoiding for a long long time now
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    Default Re: How do you post pics

    this is a test, I have been having issues with this myself, its a neat way to do it, but kinda a pain compared to the other forums im on that just attach to the post..

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    Thanks for the great instructions. I was able to find the button for uploading, but when I click, it takes me to a page that says "my photo gallery message" and then in white text within the box, says "Sorry, you dont have permission to upload photos"...

    I'm feeling like the "slow guy" in the room for sure here!

    thanks for the welcome guys!

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    i had that issue too, my issue was trying to right click and copy the link it wouldnt right click,, so i had to ctl c it..

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