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Thread: Irish Sedges

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    Default Irish Sedges

    Hi all
    Well out of hospital and back to my old self,been tying a new range of sedges for the loughs

    The picric deer hair sedge

    The Claret Murrough

    The fiery brown sedge

    The red emerger

    The olive emerger

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    Default Re: Irish Sedges

    Those are some really great flies, I really like the last one.

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    Default Re: Irish Sedges

    Welcome back Laurie hope your doing well.
    Lovely profile on those, they should raise a few nice fish!

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    Really nice looking patterns. Good to hear you are doing well.

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    Default Re: Irish Sedges

    laurie: Good to see you posting again and hearing that your mending! Once again some really great looking patterns, congrats!


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    Default Re: Irish Sedges

    Love the sedges, they are buggy looking things!

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    Hi Guys thanks for the kind words
    yes it has been a rough 2 months it was major surgery so it will take a while to get back to the lough fishing.
    We started a workshop for new instructors on Lough Owel in the south of Ireland and it is brilliant here is a photo of the students

    Also a guy from England broke the Irish record on Lough Currane a 13.5lb sea trout with one of my patterns a leggy cdc bibio

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    Default Re: Irish Sedges

    Beautiful flies Laurie and glad you're on the mend...


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    Default Re: Irish Sedges

    Welcome back Laurie-- great looking flies - and that sea trout pattern looks deadly!

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    Default Re: Irish Sedges

    Great flies, I love 'em.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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