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    this is me messing around with stripped peacock herl, used as the thorax and abdomen of a Trico spinner, wings are Wapsi PMD sperfine dub, let me know what you think. sorry for the somewhat blurry photos.
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    Thanks for sharing your work.

    Its rather difficult to see of course but seem to be fine overall. My only suggestion (and again its hard to see) would be to build up a bit more taper (carrot shaped) up to the wings with thread before wrapping the quill. Don't need alot by any means...maybe just halving the shank with one pass touching turns toward the tail and then quartering back to a couple turns behind the no more than three more thread layers at the short, I think it needs a bit more meat around the thorax.

    How does that dubbing float? I've not used it.

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    thanks for the input, I am going to be doing them different I was just looking at the color and appeal of the stripped herl, I have used a few with that wing method before and it is a prerequesite to add aquel or gink ECT. ECT. before even throwing it out, they hold up ok but easily batered by the first fish or two. just curious to see how it would work. otherwise i like it alot used as "dubbing" It floats well.

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    I love those tails. Great job overall. let us know how the fish like them. I wish I had experience enough to have fished an actual spinner fall but I have yet to see even one. Time will hopefully bless me with the show soon. I have some tied up waiting for the first opportunity. Joni included one "size god-auffal-small" in a winter "tiny fly" swap. She used snowshoe hare toe fur....I've got that one under glass along with many great ties by others in that swap. I sure do like working on tiny flies. Thanks again for showing your work here!!

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