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Thread: Crayfish pattern

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    Default Crayfish pattern

    This was designed to be more active and flowing than my previous 'hardback' version. Also much simpler and faster to tie with less material.

    Use whatever colors you think fish like, I prefer olive grizzly, rust, and black.
    #4 long streamer hook (4xl heavy).
    Tie in 4 strands flash and two rubber legs at hook bend.
    Tie in bead chain eyes or dumbell eyes at 'tail' or hook eye (I'm hoping for less splash with the lighter bead eyes)
    Tie in a single 'claw' cut from zonker strip, angled outward.
    Tie in second claw, leaving the zonker strip long.
    Wrap remaining zonker strip toward hook eye and secure over the bead eyes, leaving a small tail.
    Whip finish under the tail at hook eye.
    Voila, easy bass or carp fly (I hope!)

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Default Re: Crayfish pattern

    Looks like an interesting pattern. Would love to see pics that go along with the step-by-step!
    - Rick

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    Default Re: Crayfish pattern

    I agree, very interesting pattern! If you have the time, how about a SBS for us to look at?

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    Default Re: Crayfish pattern

    I'm running out of photo space. Does the SBS allow me to upload photos to a different location?

    Instagram page @tblom77

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