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Thread: Irish Buzzers

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    Well the new patterns have worked on the Loughs over here, had numerous phone calls to say that the new patterns worked.
    On lough Corrib a new design accounted for some good fish "the crystal river buzzer.
    The thorax of the buzzer is a crystal river caddis bead modified to a cone head and being florescent it stood oput a mile when fished amongst the buzzer hatch
    hook kamasan b100
    thead black 10.0
    rib chartreusse tinsel
    head modified caddis bead

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    Sorry Laurie,is this thread about dabblers or buzzers?

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    Default Re: Irish Buzzers

    Laurie: I modified the thread title to "Irish Buzzers" as that is what the pattern looks like to madjoni and I.
    Anyway, I love your Irish Buzzer and how smooth you have the thread on that pattern, outstanding work.

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