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Thread: The "leech"

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    Finally got around to taking pics of my marabou leech. Also took 1 of my tnt legs al's foam.

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    Can't really see it very well, could you take a picture a little closer?

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    I love the way your tnt leg al's foam look like

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    Great looking flies... Yea, my eye sight is not what it used to be, so I need a little closer shots. I too have trouble with my "up Close and Personal" photos. Anyone have suggestions?
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    Hi Clyde,

    Good fly tyers can't be expected to also take good pictures.

    I think the best place to take a picture of a fly is while it is still in the vise. A flat white background is good. In some cases a pale green, light blue or light gray is a good background. You need the camera on a tripod and you should use the macro mode. Make sure you are not getting a reflection from the background. When using the macro mode the focus is critical and if you can use manual focus that may work better for you. Flash can be a problem unless you have a ring flash that works with your camera. Direct light may be a better choice than a flash. Make sure you use the correct light setting on the camera according to the type of light you are using. Here are some sample backgrounds that you might want to try.



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    flash ------------------------------ no flash
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