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    Default crane fly irish version

    here is a crane fly pattern that works well on our rivers and loughs
    [ame=]DADDY LONG LEGS.wmv - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: crane fly irish version

    very cool... good job on that.

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    Default Re: crane fly irish version

    I'm loving that! Thanks laurie.

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    Default Re: crane fly irish version

    Great video. Thanks for sharing that.

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    Default Re: crane fly irish version

    Great looking fly there, Laurie!

    How's the business going for you? We all hope well.


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    Default Re: crane fly irish version

    hi Matey, business not too bad , been tyeing up the new mayfly patterns for the Irish national team.
    heading off tomorrow to lough Sheelin for 3 days practice on the lough and the final is on Friday 18th.
    cannot post the photos of the new patterns until after the competition but i can tell you my mayfly emerger worked wonders we had over 7 wild brown trout last week in the morning

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