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Thread: Idea for articulated flies

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    Default Idea for articulated flies

    I was tying some articulated bunnies for my Alaska trip and a thought occurred to me. Rather than tying an infinite array of two color flies, with one color on the front and another on the back, why not just attach a small clip or swivel to the rear end of the front portion. Then tie a series of the back portion with different colors. To change color combinations all you would need to do is unhook one and put a different color on!
    Ain't I a genius!

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    YOU ARE! but great minds think has been done, and yes a great idea.

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    Default Re: Idea for articulated flies

    A good idea but I don't subscribe to the idea of the need for huge flies to catch these fish. They no doubt work or there wouldn't be so many people making them but casting them makes a tough job even harder. If I were fishing for king salmon (and I am) I would be sure to have some of the AK. Assassin pattern tied on Gamakatsu 2/0 standard salmon hooks. I stuck the tying recipe on the Flies That Work thread in the AK. forums.


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    Default Re: Idea for articulated flies

    One thing at a time Ard!
    last year I landed 17 Kings in 6.5 days of fishing and lost 12 others. No fish that I know of were foul hooked even though I used weighted, articulated bunnies. This year I am using those same articulated bunnies, although without weight. I also have some single hook bunnies which I admit are easier to cast. I will also be using different lengths of T20 sink tips made up with braided mono loops on the ends as per your instructions (sort of).
    Next year I may try some classic flies.
    How are the welded loops turning out?

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