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Thread: Interesting Bugger Like Pattern

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    Im sure someone else has done this but I was experimenting with emu the other day and just now got a chance to go try them out. Most of them failed pretty miserably, but one of the patterns I tied worked really well. I used natural turkey marabou stuff for the tail, and tied in peacock herl with copper wire ribbing for the body. I used the soft part of the emu feather to wrap a collar on it and it sticks out about 1/4 of an inch.
    Hopefully if you hadnt heard of this before, it might give you some ideas. It certainly worked well enough for me to tie up some more. And I was fishing for panfish, but I would guess that it would work for trout as well.

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    Interesting feedback, I have never tried Emu before but it looks like it would work just fine for your pattern. Good luck.

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