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    Default The Sunburst Dabbler

    Here is one specially for Hugh Rosen


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    Brilliant! Great pattern and amazingly sparse dimensions for so many ingredients. Lots of triggers there! I'll have to try some once I get back from Montana.

    Thanks for posting the video



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    Default Re: The Sunburst Dabbler

    Laurie: Brilliant work, you are definitely the master! I love to watch your tying videos, they just show how skilled you have become.

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    Default Re: The Sunburst Dabbler

    That has winter steelhead written all over it! Low, clear, and cold that will defiitely move some fish!
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    This is another spectacular pattern from you Laurie! I just need to start stocking up on some of these materials you use that I don't have. My favorite part, as usual, is your technique of using folded slips and spinning them on, something I don't see very often. Yet another pattern of yours I will be tying for steelhead!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: The Sunburst Dabbler

    Thanks guys
    Hi Hugh great speaking to you today Skype is a brilliant way of keeping in touch by the way hope you like the little extra present in the goody bag when it arrives

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    For all those interested in tying, the cloaking technique here is amazing - strongly agree with gatortransplant. It has transformed my enjoyment of tying dabblers.
    I know what my tying plans will be over the winter....



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    Default Re: The Sunburst Dabbler

    Thanks guys
    made a decision to produce tutorial videos, nearly finished the dvd of the Irish bumbles.
    going to be doing a series of tutorial videos this year
    Irish Bumbles
    Irish Dabblers
    Irish Mayflies
    Irish wet flies
    Wire woven patterns
    10 fly patterns per video
    May as well make the best of my time with something useful

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