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Thread: FlySlinger Smallmouth Summer Bonanaza

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    Default FlySlinger Smallmouth Summer Bonanaza

    Hi Guys I know I haven't Been around for a while ...But I have tying and Fishing for a while..I have over A bout 50 P0pers here..that are very tough to tye Plus A lot of streamers Plus a lot of crayfish that I have been fishing....These lure are a tough to tyes...these Poppers are all Hand Ground and all Epoxied Four times with Two ton Epoxied and then they are all painted
    These are some very durable Poppers These other flies.. catch a lot of fish These other Flies are some fish catching don of a guns

    In our family, there is no clear line between religion and fly fishing" Norman Maclean

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    Default Re: FlySlinger Smallmouth Summer Bonanaza

    Those poppers are works of art! As well are the crayfish. Very impressive bunch of flys I'm amazed you have time to fish. And I'll bet those smallies love em! Really nice.
    I'm heading down to WV in 2 weeks hope they'll be some smallies left for me! Haha!
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    Default Re: FlySlinger Smallmouth Summer Bonanaza

    Hi FlySlinger. If you fish the Ohio and happen to see this gray haired guy fly fishing Pike's me. Look for the orangish red Jeep. Right now small white's ran hittinrg faiirly well, with the occassional smallie.

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    Default Re: FlySlinger Smallmouth Summer Bonanaza

    FlySlinger: Congrats on the great looking poppers you are tying, very nice indeed!

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