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Thread: some steel head patterns

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    Default some steel head patterns

    did a few new patterns for a good friend in Idaho this week
    red spey

    gold spey

    fiery spey

    Also did a few Dark Makerell dabblers for him to try out

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    Default Re: some steel head patterns

    Beautiful work there.

    That Dark Makerell dabbler looks deadly.

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    Default Re: some steel head patterns

    Laurie: As noreaster said, beautiful work! You are indeed a master at the tying vise.


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    Default Re: some steel head patterns

    Beautiful work as always Laurie! Love the looks of these, in particular the gold.
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    Default Re: some steel head patterns

    All are very nice fly tying but I'm looking at the last one as a fish getter. All may do well but that dark one would be what I reached for.


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    Thumbs up Re: some steel head patterns

    Those Puppies will Hunt on the Clearwater.
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    Default Re: some steel head patterns

    Laurie, that fiery spey is firmly buried in my lip at the moment. I have to tie some of those. I will likely be sending you an email very soon!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: some steel head patterns

    Thanks Guys
    Just back in from the studio finished dyeing up a load of CDC brown and golden olive, managed to also dye up more bronze Mallard golden olive and Hot orange, it all came out better than i thought i will get a few photos on later.
    I had guy Jim Slade on last night begging for more chartreusse, orange and blackhead buzzers apparently they were catching fish big time on them here is a photo of them all florescent
    chartreusse buzzer

    orange buzzer

    black head

    ---------- Post added at 08:12 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:36 AM ----------

    thats the new bronze mallard finished, now to tie up some more Dabblers
    hot orange
    golden olive

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    Default Re: some steel head patterns

    Definitely the dabbler!! Low light early morning typical low water fall, everyoe else is swinging half a chicken, that is the fly that will send the drag screeming.
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