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Thread: A few more.

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    Default A few more.

    A little number for our cainis hatch time.Studied the insect for over 3 weeks to get this one right
    a Nymph pattern
    One of my klinkhammer patterns with hopper legs
    This was a free time fly.Good for salmon and rainbows.
    and one for a bit of fun tying.


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    Default Re: A few more.

    Kevin: Very beautiful work, thanks for sharing! That Klinkhammer with the hopper legs looks really interesting.


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    Default Re: A few more.

    I agree with Larry, that Klinkhammer hopper looks great.

    Let us know if you catch anything on that butterfly pattern; nice tying!


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    Default Re: A few more.

    Have a few more klinks like that one but little at a time

    The butterfly was just a bit of play tying but it came out well.
    I was out on one of our lochs one day this year and just watching some friends who were out in a boat.There was fish rising,but I was drawn to a red admiral butterfly just about 2 inches above the surface then from the depths a rainbow came out and took it.Never seen this before and only wish I had my camera out at the time.So one day I may just try it.
    That was enough to go and get the rods out.

    Glad you like them.

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