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  1. Default Toms Tantrum Tarpon fly.

    **** the brain as usual. First time spinning deer hair and I clearly have a ways to go... And should have used more hair? Anyways. Once perfected... This bad boy will be thrown in Flamingo and the rest of the glades for Tarpon. I'm contemplating tying one in chartreuse as well to see how she rides with some ocean dwelling tarpon in May. Thoughts?

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    I have tiedtoms tantrum for bass and my flies had a bulkier heAd. Also the tail only had black ostrich herl. Yours is a good looking fly. It will catch fish. Thicken up the head a bit. Also before you fish it. Dunk it underwater and squeeze thebdeer hair. This will remove the air and it will ride lower in the water.

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    Default Re: Toms Tantrum Tarpon fly.

    Looks like it will catch!

    But, what's the difference between this pattern & Tabory's Snake fly? They look very similar.
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    Default Re: Toms Tantrum Tarpon fly.

    Nice looking fly! Jims right does look very similiar to Lous Snake Fly. Great pattern!
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    Default Re: Toms Tantrum Tarpon fly.

    I don't see anything wrong with the spun hair at all....maybe that means I'm not very good at it but the fly looks great. Matter of fact it looks very much like a good salmon and steelhead fly with a little longer hook shank.


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    Default Re: Toms Tantrum Tarpon fly.

    Did you come across this fly at ole Florida?

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    Yup. Couldn't find instructions online so I free styled it.

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    i was there for the fly tying class when it was introduced. if you want help i would be glad to provide it.

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    i believe for that particular fly first blue angel hair sparkle is attached in the back. Then the ostrich herl is attached around the hook. then you put a collar of flashabou. then i believe you start the deer hair. you have thhe tips first which it looks like you have. THen you only use stubs and you spin away. when trimming you want a tubular shape with it a little flatter on the bottom so it rights hook down and it swims like it should. I have caught monster bass on this fly. its good stuff.

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