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    Default Would this fly work?

    Hello, im pretty new to tying and i dont like following steps, i like making up my own and it usually ends bad because of that but i came up with this funny crabby fly which i think may have potential
    size 2 long shank hook
    mono eyes enhanced with hot melt glue
    orange krystal flash
    one splitshot sinker (squashed to the hook)
    some tan felt for the body and some hand collected feathers (from chicken, turkey and other poultry) for the feelers and body detail
    plus olive yellow wool tied merkin style under that with some old backing line for legs..

    i like it, i call it the " Flats Crabcake" what do you think? the photos do no justice, i intend this fly for sand flats or calm beaches and sandy areas

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    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    Try it, the fish will tell you.

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    okuma Guest

    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    Fly design is an art in my mind. I'm a firm believer in "working" flies. When you designed this fly, you had a pattern in mind. So, it's not done "to the letter". Looks like a crab to me. Fish it as a crab would swim. My suggestion, tie two, in event it works and you loose one, you have a back up. A while back, I was in a local fly shop. I overheard the man at the counter asking about realistic looking flies. The answer he got, because it looks real doesn't mean they will guarantee more fish. It's the action given to the fly that counts. I agree!

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    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    Not too sure how that lead weight will work (staying put) off the end of a fly line. That aside, the fly is very reminiscent of the flies you'd use for salt water flat's fishing (Bone Fish, etc).

    DANG ME! Just noted your post count, welcome to the Board!!
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    I love mixing things up and trying new things. My box is filled with new creations just waiting to be tested in the spring. Only time will tell, if the fish will gobble it up.
    looks really cool though. If nothing else it should peak their curiosity and catch their attention.
    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    thanks guys, i havnt even really got a proper setup for fly fishing yet so i cant test it straight away but i just need to buy the rod now, i have hand collected a big bulk load of spotty stripey feather so i though i could mix it up a little, and fred the weight should hold and it it squished pretty tight on it... ill tie up a couple more to see

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    okuma Guest

    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    Hey FYI. They do make weighted lead bodies for flies. Attach it to the hook shank, slide some mylar tubing over it,(or even shrink tube...hmmmm) and it wont fall off.

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    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    Thanks okuma,
    i tied another similar one just this one has a bigger body and you cant see the sinker and the feathers are different, the sinker wont fall off if its deep enough over the hook and pressing in firm enough, i also wrapped it with dubbing so it was hidden underneath.

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    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    Every famous fly that we know of today was once an experimental could be tying the next "super crab!!" I like to experiment at the vise also, and sometimes my creations actually work....and this just adds to the total enjoyment of a day spent flyfishing!!! Let us know how it works out.

    Here I walk slowly, deliberately, taking it one step, one trout, one sunset at a time. -Harry Middleton

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    Default Re: Would this fly work?

    .... that looks like a cross between the merkin and the CRAB APPLE. A popular flats fly here in southern NewEngland

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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