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    Default Minnow (generic)

    Hook: your favorite and size
    Thread: 6/0 white or clear mono
    Under body: shaped stim-u-dent tooth picks
    Tail: marabou
    Back: bills body braid or equivalent
    Over body: bills body braid or equivalent
    Eyes and body markings: acrylic paint
    Coating: uv resin, epoxy and sally hansens hard as nails

    the above recipe is merely a suggestion of what to use. as a creative tyer you have the option to switch items in the recipe to suit your needs or material supply.


    remove a couple of stim-u-dents from the package and position 1 on top of the hook shank as shown, approximately at the barb of the hook

    switch hands and continue to hold the tooth pick. matk the tooth pick for length and for the forward shape of the body as shown

    transfer the measurement to the other tooth pick and tie the tooth picks onto the hook shank. at this time you can head cement the entire body if desired.
    then tie in the marabou tail

    tie in a strip of bills body braid (green for the back) and a strip of bills body braid (silver or pearl for the body)

    wrap the silver braid forward and tie off. pull the back braid forward over the top of the body and tie off.

    add eyes and whatever marking you want with the acrylic paint and let dry. coat the body of the fly with a uv resin or epoxy. overcoat with sally hansens hard as nail polish if necessary

    you can weight the fly by using flat lead sheet or strips on the side of the body or a length of round/square lead wire as the keel of the fly

    thanks for looking
    Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them.


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    Default Re: Minnow (generic)

    Well isn't that clever....
    Less likey, more green dots

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