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Thread: gold dabbler

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    Default gold dabbler

    i finished dyeing the bronze mallard sunburst so ii decided to do a few gold dabbler

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    Nice dabbler, incredible small head - not easy at all, nice cloaking as always. Was just tying some Blue Charms from EJ Malone's book, using your bronze mallard cloaked with some teal for the wing. Great fun!!


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    Default Re: gold dabbler

    Laurie: I agree with Hugh, that fly is beautiful, the bronze mallard really looks awesome next to the sunburst.


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    Very nice indeed, thanks for sharing

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    HI HUgh and Larry
    Funny should mention Ted Malone I was at his house for tea this week, he is 96 and has already booked a weeks fishing on Corrib so I gave his a few dabblers to try out.
    Received 50,000 hooks yesterday so I have to spend tomorrow packaging them up for the shop.

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    How was the fishing this week? Great book and the Frank McPhillips fully dressed salmon flies are very cool.

    Here's the fly - the hook, the GP crest/topping, the Bronze Mallard and the epoxy are all from you!

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    Really neat fly there Hugh, i think i will have to get you to tie my flies for me now.

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