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    Default The Shaman...three feather...

    this started out as a "tied in hand" but needed a few tweeks for a decent picture... I had to wrap the head off a bit and move one twist of the wire that was diving me crazy...the rest of it came out so good(for me) I just had to fix it...

    the reason for the name, is that on the Buffalo ranch I worked on a while back one of the cows had a white calf...quite a rare event...the TV station down in Denver came out...and more importantly the chief/shaman from the local reservation came with some friends a had a special celebration...and prayers for the calf...since this was such a revered event...

    I used some wool from that buff when he was about 1 1/2 yeas old...unfotrtunately he made a move at some of the females in the herd...and got on the wrong side of the herd bull...all 1800 pounds of him...his 900 lb stature for a 1 1/2 year old was no match...and he was pretty messed leg broken...I had to put him down...all his meat was utilized and I saved as much wool from him as I could...the ranch owner had me skin and cape the critter for his robe and a wall mount...

    so in respect for the Shaman that came out and did his special deal...I called this the Shaman in honor of him and that beautiful creature...

    This is my first attempt at what was originally a "tied in hand" pattern...I tied about ten...some variations, different duck species , and dubbing color...about my third to last came out the best...but when I took a picture I just couldnt live with the head and the spiral wire I put it in the vise to clean it wrapped the head and "wiggled" the spiral wire over its not really a"tied in hand" ...but maybe next least I know in a pinch I can do it...

    I wanted to tie a fly imitating being on a stream with just a few items on hand...all the ones I tied would catch a fish IMHO...but we are a bit more vane than that I guess...especially when I see the work others produce whom I take my hat off to regularly...

    I used some "homegrown" materials for this as my other bugs...Gadwall and wood duck for the wings and tail...buffalo wool for the dubbing...and just used the lead wire for the spiral wrap...its a super simple pattern...just the way I like it...

    I used "three feathers" of the same...the one in the pic is wood duck, with no barring...I waxed the tail good to straighten out...I really like the way the pattern compressed...I got it wet too...and it looked good...

    here is the official list...

    "the Shaman"...three feather

    size 4 stainless hook
    (3) body feathers from Gadwall or wood duck...teal would be good too
    buffalo wool dubbing, cream to amber brown...
    lead wire under and spiral wrapped over dubbing
    black nylon thread
    wapsi dubb wax...

    here is a link of some other "homegrowns"...some I have already put up here on the forum...t
    “homegrown” trout,salmon & steelhead patterns | tales of a wandering monk
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    ted...trout bum/wandering monk
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    public land pope & young

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    a fish from the river, a rod from the woods and a stag from the mountain , thefts ne'er a Gael was ashamed
    ...and old gaelic proverb...

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    Default Re: The Shaman...three feather...


    Nicely tied and an interesting backstory as well.


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    Default Re: The Shaman...three feather...

    That is a good looking has all the right stuff, literally and figuratively!

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