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silvertip8k 02-14-2013 09:42 AM

carron style...three feather
here is an attempt at tying a carron style pattern using a simple uses materials from harvests, even the red hackle is from a rooster from a "yard bird" that was dyed red. I didnt have the proper hook , so I bent a straight shank in a "caddis" curve to try and imitate the proper salmon hook...with the eye down...

its for fishing...and its fun sometimes to just play around with these things sometimes...I admire the tyers here that are so incredible with the detailed patterns...something that I just cant do...but I do,like to catch fish with flies I tie myself, and am always looking for ways to imitate the works by others, but in a fashion I can is my try at a "carron" style...a pattern that is supposed to be a real "go to" for steelhead where I am headed to this season...I have been playing around with some dyes on rooster hackles...I havent found any red feathers inthe wild for a while...I did use some cardinal feathers before many years ago...but havent found anything like that recently...and like to avoid the "little baggies" from shops if at all possible...

its tied with two wood duck feathers for the wings...and the red rooster for the tail...I used some brown buffalo wool for the dubbing and lead wire for weight and spiral wrap on the body...

Guest1 02-14-2013 09:53 AM

Re: carron style...three feather
hose wings are tough to tie right. It took me quite a while. I learned that you either need to leave the stem attached when you tie them in or stip sections off so they still have a bit of stem holding them together. I will take a phot of one I got right and post it. Funny thing is, it takes one or two casts to make them not so much the pretty tented wings.

silvertip8k 02-14-2013 06:52 PM

Re: carron style...three feather
thanks Dan...I left the stems a bit long just for that...I got the length oK...but the shape is a bit#$...I got it right a few times, then it would shift...I figured it will be fine once its swimming...what do you think? t

Ard 02-14-2013 07:26 PM

Re: carron style...three feather
When you're fishing with it it'll do just fine. I think that what Dan was eluding to is the method of using a whole flank feather and tying it in as a wing. You pick the right size and put 3 lose wraps of thread around the quill and then pull / slide it forward to the point you want. Then you pull the thread tight and wrap it down tight.

This fly is winged in the manner I'm trying to describe. The wing is a full feather;

Here is what they look like from the side, it makes a fly that swims / streaks along real weel.

This is a mallard flank tied much fuller but in the same way. It is a bit overexposed but still shows the way you can wing with single feathers. The wings are very tough when you make them like this. Other parts of the fly will come apart before you lose a wing.


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