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    Default golden woodie and some yard bird...and vice versa

    here are two patterns that use the same materials...just in different ways...both are imitations of small aquatic invertabrates, shrimp...trout and steelhead seem to realy like to eat...similar to a "carron" tyle fly..I wanted to make a few for cloudy day flies, and some for brighter days...its too cold outside to why not spend some time at the vise...both are super easy patterns to tie...a novice or intermediate for sure...I got some really nice golden wood duck...and got some more guinea hen from a friend that had a nice supper on Sunday...LOL...

    getting ready for a trip towards the coast...probably summer now...the snake and the deschutes...

    I really love the color of the golden wood goes nice w/ the black and white of the guinea for sure...
    I used a "cheater" wing for the throat too...just peeling down some before I tightened up both wings all the way...I tied a few of this one with smaller wings and it showed more guinea in the throat...both look OK to me..

    plus I finally got some proper salmon hooks I had ordered for a while...would have prefferd some down turned eye types...but they were out of stock...should have ordered the stuff last fall...I dare not bend this one...I think it wouldnt take it so well...

    first the "golden woodie"...
    tmc no.2 7999 hook
    cream color buffalo & rabbit fur for dubbing...
    .015 leadwire for spiral wrap...
    (2)golden wood duck flank's, for wings...
    guinea hen & wood duck for throat...
    guinea hen for tail...

    and here is a similar fly but with a differnt use of the same materials...only a different tail...and dubbing

    yard bird jr.
    tmc no.2 7999 hook
    brown buffalo wool for dubbing...
    .015 lead wire for spiral wrap...
    (2) guinesa flanks for wings...
    golden wood duck & guinea for throat...
    canada goose wing biot for tail...

    the tail came out better in this one...its a split biot, and tied upside down...the biot curve is supposed to blend into the tail...

    ted...trout bum/wandering monk
    public water 20"er
    public land pope & young

    Breac à linne, slat à coille is fiadh à f́reach - mèirle às nach do ghabh gàidheal riamh nàire.
    a fish from the river, a rod from the woods and a stag from the mountain , thefts ne'er a Gael was ashamed
    ...and old gaelic proverb...

    my blog & website

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    Default Re: golden woodie and some yard bird...and vice versa

    Ted: Excellent looking patterns, I really like the way the materials look together, I bet they will fish really well.

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