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  1. Default Invasive Body Snatcher

    Just playing around in the Loch Leven vein with materials on hand
    * dyed natural materials all from Finney's Flies

    #10 buzzer hook
    abdomen: orange ice dub
    rib: gold UTC wire
    palmer hackle: Sunburst badger cock *
    shoulder hackle: hen grizzle dyed blue
    legs: PT dyed claret, 3 on each side above plane of hook *
    eyes: JC dyed flo yellow *
    head: orange ice dub

    Never fished one, but the profile seemed fun to experiment with as an attractor, or even a sort of hopper here in the West.

    Thanks for looking


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    Default Re: Invasive Body Snatcher

    I like it. I even like the name. I really like what you did with the head.

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    That's the male half, I need to work on a female fly, perhaps the Frau Blucher

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    Default Re: Invasive Body Snatcher

    is that a variation of the Kevin McCarthy body snatcher, or the
    Donald Sutherland style ???

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    Default Re: Invasive Body Snatcher

    Hugh: Very nice, I really like the color combo!

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