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silvertip8k 03-02-2013 06:31 PM

"Pocket Water" Sedge...revised with new pics... more steelhead patterns for a while...thats sort of my newest passion...and after trying to tie some of the classics...well I best return to home waters...

first off...I was truly amazed when I came east for a temp job, and went into a fly shop in Harrisonburg, Va...and asked about flies any good fly shop guy should do...he asked to see my fly box...which is exactly what I used to do in Colorado in the shop I worked at...

it turned out that I was in good shape...maybe a few less golden stones...but pretty much all my "go tos" were the same here too...PTL>>>

here is one of my favorite caddis bugs...its a little bigger than some of the Elk hairs I tie...but so is a mature sedge...once you have seen will never forget it...

this one has real good buyoncy...and looks good too on the makes contact in a few points like a good dry should...but best of all it shows a perfect outline of the caddis...and pretty close to the surface so its very visible even to a deep water critter...

I do treat mine with the dry powder...and when I tie them I also wax them good too...

my best story about this one is getting hung up in a small willow where the caddis bugs were hatching...a spot called "deckers" near my old home in Colorado...and having a big rainbow grab it...I dont know if technically I caught the fish...or the was a mess getting him untied and back swimming!

here it is...t

"Pocket Water Sedge"
size 12-16 caddis or scud hook...bronze is my preference
buffalo wool nedium brown or similar for dubbing...
ginger or cinnamon hackle for spiral wrap...
(2) brown, gray, or natural mallard feathers for body/wing
Mule Deer, Elk or Pronghorn fur for hair wing
(this one is dark Mulie buck)

if you are really into it...two wild turkey fan barbs or moose mane quills for the two antennae...I used to do it...but afer one-three pitches they are usually gone...but sometimes w/o the fur wing it is good...I make up a foam core version too...its below...

here is the foam cored dubbing on this one...just a 1/8" strip if gray foam about 3/8" long...this one even has some antennae...two quills of moose mane...its not as durable...but for a super weary fish in stil is a good idea...

one of my fly fishing buddies thinks I should rename it the "Clear Creek Slayer"...because it is...
here are some more pics on my site too.

here are some more pics...

the are more pics on my site..

tales of a wandering monk

Pocono 03-02-2013 07:01 PM

Re: "Pocket Water" Sedge...(adult caddis)
That's a nice pattern/tie.

I like the body/wing feathers in combination with the hair wing. Looks like it would be a killer on the stream at the right time of year (most of the year for caddis).

I fish a lot of pocket water and my go-to top water fly is a light bodied/hackled Tan Elk Hair Tan Caddis; #18


mcnerney 03-02-2013 07:09 PM

Re: "Pocket Water" Sedge...(adult caddis)
Great looking pattern, I bet that is a real fish magnet!

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