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    Default the "drop tine" dry

    since its tying season...dont forget the is a super simple may fly pattern...a "one feather"...the hackle tip ,(left over's from the previous tie of the same)acts as the tail...the balance is of course the wing/hackle...

    the tail is a hackle tip waxed...I like the tails a little longet than some patterns call for...the mayflys I see have the tail and the little whiskers on the a little bit longer dosent hurt IMHO...

    I take the hackle and just before the final whip, I bunch two sections into a dihedral like a planes wing...facing down towards the hook tip...all it takes is one wrap of thread around the small bunching of hackle...and dont pull too this on both sides...this is opposte what most dry patterns was sort of an experiment I did...and it can tie it either way...but its a "drop tine" because of the way I tied it..LOL...

    its an easy way to get a pair of wings...and not have to tie on an extra two clips...

    the body on the one in the pic is some buffalo wool in medium dark match the hackle I picked out...olive colored, black or white would be good to in matching a hatch ...

    one hook and little wool...a very economical, and pretty fly...this is a size 16...18-20 is my limit...pretty much... I like 16 the best...the super small ones needed sometimes I get a fiend to tie for me...or one..there I said it!

    I tested how many times it lands like this...the hook being down helps of course...even when it flips over it does fine too(and looks like the convential adams or similar)...its just this is a pretty cool lay on the water here...the shadow here came out pretty cool here...

    I took the pic's alongside the stream...the shadow gives a good idea of exactly what the fish might be imitates life for sure...

    the pic below shows the tension created by the hackle pretty good...

    I used a whitish /gray colored hackle here...with some brown striping in the tail its visible pretty good...a grizzly would be good get that effect in the tail and base of the wing.

    the wind blew it around a litle here, showing the profile a bit better...I am over pic's in a vise for a while...reminds me too much of winter...and being inside...

    of course an gray feather with olive body would make a beautiful BWO too...t
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