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silvertip8k 03-19-2013 07:11 PM

a few more stones...
here are some bugs I tied while I was figuring out the newest one...actually they both are pretty good too I think...a bit easier legs...just hackles...

the "twin hackle stone"...this one floats awesome...and uses two hackles...the tail points down to mimick the natural posture of the adult when it lays eggs...

the "shellback stone"...this is even easier to tie...and uses a small piece of foam under the buffalo wool...I wanst sure if the other one would float...but it did...but I am going to just leave this one can easily be turned into a great caddis adult too...just tent another wing, instead on the get the right profile...actually the one above has this(twin hackle)...since it lands on it side sometimes when I was casting it...and I wanted the proper profile...t

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