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    Default Pocket Water Sedge SBS

    I just got my new regal vise in the mail yesterday...what a fun thing to use...I cant believe I have been using my old one for so many years...heck...the backside of my flies might even match up with the front now!...LOL...

    here is an SBS of the pattern I posted a while back...I have gotten a lot of requests...sorry it took me a while..but I only do one a month, so I dont go crazy...these things are more work than people realize...

    all the best...ted

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    ted...trout bum/wandering monk
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    a fish from the river, a rod from the woods and a stag from the mountain , thefts ne'er a Gael was ashamed
    ...and old gaelic proverb...

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    Default Re: Pocket Water Sedge SBS

    Very nice pattern! Thank you for the step by step!
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